Following the strategy of TECNIMEDE GROUP, Tecnimede Spain was founded in 1998, as a result of a growing commitment to the internationalization of the company, as well as a high interest in the Spanish pharmaceutical market.

The beginnings of Tecnimede Spain did not focus on the marketing of pharmaceutical produts, but the first phase entailed a high work of licensing the products investigated, developed and manufactured in the TECNIMEDE GROUP to pharmaceutical companies, both multinational and domestic’ that could commercialize such products in the Spanish pharmaceutical market.

It was in 2009, 11 years after its founding, when Tecnimede Spain began to market their own products through their brand Tecnigen. Nowadays, Tecnimede Spain is one of the most dynamic companies in the Spanish pharmaceutical market, dedicated to the registration, distribution and marketing of generic medicines, of which over 90% are researched, developed and manufactured by the TECNIMEDE GROUP.

Currently, Tecnimede Spain, through its brand Tecnigen, markets more than 70 molecules of different therapeutic areas, especially cardiovascular, central nervous system, metabolism, neurology, urology and oncology.

Over the next few years, Tecnimede Spain hopes to continue to grow in the Spanish pharmaceutical market through new generic molecules, as well as through new business lines as OTC, Medical Devices and dermatology. This growth will be based on the molecules researched, developed and manufactured within the TECNIMEDE GROUP.

Tecnimede Spain intends to settle in the Spanish pharmaceutical market as an innovative company, a partner of quality and trust with its customers and patients.

Tecnimede Spain has today more than 50 working professionals and this is where its value is based, on a professional team constantly improving and motivated to adequately meet the needs of pharmacists, doctors, teachers and society in general.