TECNIGEN is a 100% Portuguese generic pharmaceutical company with global dimension, resulting from Farmoz and Pentafarma union.

Located in Portugal, Spain and Italy, TECNIGEN follows the same differentiating line of TECNIMEDE GROUP, having the entire drug cycle for human use and making major investments in R&D in its own Investigation Center (Labor Qualitas), allowing to have the continuous availability of new generic drugs.

Production is also made in Portugal, using cutting-edge technology at Atlantic Pharma, located in Sintra.


The birth of TECNIGEN means a new approach to the market, allowing to improve pharmacy-to-pharmacy relations through the creation of adaptable and flexible partnership models, while also ensuring broader central negotiation levels with various stakeholders.

TECNIGEN believes that, in order to generate value for the national economy, it is essential to have the Portugal brand present in all transactions that are carried out.


In the Generic Laboratories Ranking 1, TECNIGEN possesses the 3rd position in sales being the only Portuguese company in the top 5 of generic pharmaceutical laboratories, demonstrating its ability to compete with international companies.


Our portfolio is divided into Prescription Drugs, Non-Prescription Drugs, Food Supplements and Dermocosmetics.

Currently, Tecnigen markets a portfolio of over 640 references 2, allowing to satisfy more than 75% of pharmacy needs 3.

Given the size and diversity of our portfolio, we are aware of our increased responsibility towards patients, healthcare professionals and the National Health Service, contributing to their sustainability.

TECNIGEN aims to be able to consolidate its portfolio in relevant and innovative therapeutic maintaining our pioneer role in the production of new generic drugs.


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2) Tecnigen Portfolio
3) IQVIA data in value (last 12 mobile months - MAT May 2019)