Founded in 1999, Tecnimede Group Morocco is the first subsidiary of the TECNIMEDE GROUP, dedicated to the improvement and preservation of life a human health through the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products in the Moroccan market, with a strong focus on industrial quality, bioequivalence studies and technological innovation.

In 2014, the TECNIMEDE GROUP has inaugurated in Morocco the first oral solid dose manufacturing plant of high potency drugs ATLAS PHARM for the treatment of diseases such as breast cancer, prostate and blood cancers. The medicines manufactured by ATLAS PHARM are both intended for the Moroccan market and for export.

With an investment of over 172 million Dirhams, ATLAS PHARM site was declared in October 2015 in compliance with both Moroccan and European (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices. The US FDA certifications, those of the Gulf countries as well as the Brazilian are in preparation.

Tecnimede Group Morocco occupies a prominent place in several areas including Cardiology, Urology, Dermatology and Respiratory Oncology and, more recently, Neurology and Rheumatology.

With an annual turnover of 140 million Dirhams, Tecnimede Group Morocco is now ranked in the Top 10 Generic’s laboratories in Morocco.

Today, it has over 100 professionals with a strong technical and scientific potential, armed with a strong motivation to achieve our primary mission:

  • To provide access for the majority of patients to Tecnimede Group Morocco’s drugs, meeting the worldwide standards;
  • To develop a close collaboration with the medical and pharmaceutical professionals and institutions on ethical values centered on patients.

Tecnimede Group Morocco is constantly evolving through dynamic registration of new medicines in serious illnesses such as cardiology, rheumatology, central nervous system and oncology.