Tecnigen in Italy. In 2014 was inaugurated the Italian branch Tecnigen Srl, with offices in Cinisello Balsamo in the province of Milan.

All the procedures and formalities necessary for a pharmaceutical group like the TECNIMEDE GROUP to be present in Italy, with the cultural background and the matured experience in Europe in the last 30 years, were undertaken.

Tecnigen wants to assert itself in Italy as an innovative company in the marketing of generic medicines, offering supplements, OTC and medical devices.

Here is an all-Italian Team, with professionalism and experience formed in our market, supported and strengthened by the ability to develop new medicines on the R&D center and by the productive force of the facilities of the mother company.

The TECNIMEDE GROUP aims to help improve health and make the use of medicines in the world more accessible.

We can conclude that Tecnigen strategy is based on significant investments in research and development that underpin the consolidation of its corporate strategy.

Our history:

  • Tecnigen is the youngest generic company in Italy. Nevertheless, we already have a very rich story to tell.
  • 2010 Beginning of the registration of products in AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency.
  • 2013 Birth of Tecnigen Srl company in Cinisello Balsamo, Lombardia.
  • January 2014: Selection of the team.
  • April 2014: Start of commercial activities.
  • May 2014: Launch of the first fixed association of Losartan and Hydroclorothiazide with dosage 100mg / 12.5mg in Italy.
  • June 2014: Launch of the first generic Pioglitazone 45mg in Italy.
  • February 2015: Launch of the first generic of Oxcarbazepine in Italy.
  • April 2015: completed the first year of business with a portfolio of more than 50 molecules.