The future Research & Development activities into a multinational geographical space are one of the founding strategies of the Tecnimede Group.

The R&D programs and projects, oriented towards to applied research and/or experimental development, allow the Tecnimede Group to introduce into the market, pharmaceutical products intended for the treatment of the most relevant diseases from the civilization point of view. A special attention is dedicated to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, to the neurodegenerative diseases and infectious diseases.

The acquisition of scientific and technological skills in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, biology and microbiology, pharmaceutical technology, analytical methods, pharmacology, and basic and clinical medicine, is fundamental to the design and conduct of R&D activities.

The purposes of the R&D programs and projects vary according to the technological processes that are necessary to internalize and with the characteristics of the pharmaceutical products that the Tecnimede Group intend to include in its portfolio. In this framing stands out:

  • The development of essentially similar products (generics).
  • The study of new therapeutic indications based on the pharmacological characterization of a drug.
  • The evaluation of effectiveness, tolerability and safety of the concomitant use of drugs.
  • The development of pharmaceutical forms and formulations adapted to dosage regimens and different therapeutic indications from those authorized for a given medicinal product.
  • The pharmacological Screening of compound libraries for identification and characterization of new families of compounds.
  • The development and application of experimental models in vitro and in vivo (animal model) for proof of concept (POC) evaluation.

The design, execution and management of R&D activities has a team composed by 83 co-workers with training in life sciences areas (medicine, pharmacology, biology, biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry), chemistry and engineering.

One of the purposes of the Tecnimede Group is the dissemination of the scientific knowledge obtained in the course of the R&D programs and projects, publishing regularly the results obtained in peer-review journals. Until now, have been published 40 papers and posters.

This strong scientific and financial effort allowed the Tecnimede Group to occupy a privileged place in the list of the Portuguese companies that shows a high investment in R&D activities since 1997, positioned in the 33rd place in 2008 (in "As Empresas e Instituições Hospitalares com mais despesa em actividades de I&D em 2008 – Portugal (The Companies and Hospital Institutions with more expenses on R&D activities in 2008 – Portugal). Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations Office – GPEARI).