Pharmacovigilance Green Line: 800 20 28 38

Who can report?

All people can report an adverse reaction, whether they are healthcare professionals or not.

What can be reported?

TAll suspected adverse reactions, serious or not, should be reported, regardless they are described in the Summary of Product Characteristics/Package Leaflet.

When and how to report?

1. Users

Whenever a user suspects of an adverse reaction to a medicinal product of the TECNIMEDE GROUP, it should be reported to his/her doctor, pharmacist or nurse, as soon as possible. The user can also report it to:

2. Healthcare professionals

Whenever a user reports you a suspected adverse reaction to a medicinal product of the TECNIMEDE GROUP, this should be reported to:

What essential elements should be included in the report?

For an adverse reaction report be considered valid, at least the following elements must be identified:

  • Identification of the User (just indicate the name initials, age or gender),
  • Identification of the Notifier,
  • Description of the Adverse Reaction,
  • Identification of the suspect medicinal product.

Confidentiality of the information collected for each report is guaranteed.

Although these are the minimum requirements to validate the report, all the additional elements that you can provide us (e.g., other medication, clinical history, allergies, previous adverse reactions, mode of administration of the medicinal product, etc.) will contribute to a better assessment of the case and, consequently, to a better assessment of the medicinal product risk-benefit.