Atlantic Pharma aligned with the Tecnimede Group strategy has the mission to Improve and Preserve human life and health by producing pharmaceutical products with a strong focus on quality and technological innovation.

Thus, it established its Quality, Environment and Safety Policy according to NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 e NP EN ISO 45001 standards, which guide its Integrated Management System, with the following commitments:

  1. Systematically analyse the context of its business in order to determine risks and opportunities so as to reach the company’s intended results: improve environmental performance, quality and safety, health at work, comply with conformity obligations and reach all objectives set at the highest level;
  2. Guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction by complying with product requirements and service, and the continuous effort to fulfil its expectations;
  3. Involve all employees in establishing and following up on objectives permitting them to measure and evaluate the results of the work developed, and the pursuit of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system;
  4. Ensure that the process is established and implemented so that workers may consult it and participate in it. Motivate, promote and ensure that the company’s employees are committed to performing their duties by continuously promoting and investing in participation and accountability based on the principles of the improvement of quality, individual safety and environment protection, encouraging the consultation and participation of employees;
  5. Meet compliance obligations for the business, regarding quality, environment and health and safety at work and follow up on implementation results determining, if applicable, actions that will improve its effectiveness;
  6. Efficiently use available resources with the aim to protect the environment, namely energetic resources, water, among others. Also, work towards the prevention of pollution by implementing effective management of waste, residual water, gas emissions, noise and other sources of pollution due to the work developed, applying the principles of analysis of a product’s life cycle (Rethink, Replace, Repair, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle);
  7. Provide safe and healthy work conditions to prevent injuries and illnesses related with work and which fit the purpose, dimension and context of the company and the specific nature of the risks for Work Safety and Health as well as opportunities for Safety and Health at work;
  8. Eliminate hazards and reduce Safety and Work Health risks. Take on the global responsibility for the prevention of injuries and illness caused by work situations, and the health conditions of workers and all people affected by their work, promoting and ensuring safe and healthy work places, namely regarding the risk to chemical exposure, cargo handling and repetitive movements; ensure compliance with all requirements regarding job hazards and risks and guarantee the safety of employees by implementing measures for the prevention of accidents (injuries and damage to health), occupational illnesses;
  9. Prevent all and every type of environmental and work accident, by providing continuous training and awareness and implementing activities arising from the procedures of Emergency Preparation and Response implemented by the AP;
  10. Sensitize all suppliers, sub-contractors, service providers and external entities to the importance of their contribution regarding Quality, Environment and Safety in the company; provide transparent results, analyse and evaluate process compliance;
  11. Systematically evaluate the results of the implementation of the integrated management system, in order to satisfy clients and parties involved; generate shareholder value, protect the environment and guarantee the safety and motivation of employees in order to promote continuous improvement;
  12. This Policy is available at all levels of the company and to all interested parties, through our internal and external means of communication to provide all the necessary information so that all work activity may reach set goals;
  13. The Board counts on the dedication of all employees to comply with the objectives of the present Policy and will formally provide all the necessary and appropriate means to pursue them.


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